Our drones come with built in and interchangeable cameras (up to 20MP) with three-way gimbals to produce professional photography and video footage for a wide variety of applications.

Benefits of Drone Aerial Photography

  • Cheaper: Drone Aerial Photography is far more cost effective than commissioning a helicopter or plane to carry out the same work.
  • Speed of delivery: The portability of drones means a quick set up times and launch.
  • Quieter: Modern drones generate low levels of noise and therefore minimise disruption when operating in proximity to occupied buildings.
  • Versatility: By virtue of their size, drones are more versatile and manoeuvrable and can operate in closer proximity to target areas making the delivery of high-quality imagery far more achievable.

Applications of Drone Aerial Photography

Applications of Drone Aerial Photography include:

  • Real Estate: Property professionals can quickly and easily obtain an aerial photo of any property or site for sale.
  • Commercial & Corporate: Aerial photography and/or footage can add value to any marketing material, from brochures to promotional videos. We can work closely with any creative team to get the shots and/or footage you need.
  • Construction: Construction firms can easily have a lasting record of how work is progressing on a site at regular intervals.
  • Legal: Drones are a convenient means of photographing areas of land or buildings that may be the subject of transfer, sale, or legal dispute.
  • Sports & Social: Aerial photography can provide a unique record of any sporting or social event.
  • 360° Tours: We can create 360° virtual tours of any area or building, using images and footage from our drones which is ideal for promotional videos or websites.

Why choose Drone Pilots for Drone Aerial Photography?

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