Drone surveying by Drone Pilots is the safer, cheaper and faster way to survey at height.

Sometimes called UAV Surveying (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Surveying), drone surveying is becoming increasingly popular in the construction, industrial, and commercial sectors in Ireland.

Benefits of Drone Surveying

  • Safer: the risk of falls from height is eliminated risk of a fall from height.
  • Cheaper: no need for scaffolding, rigging, or other safety equipment leading to significant savings on the cost of a survey.
  • Faster: Traditional inspections at height can be time-consuming, particularly in high risk areas. Large areas can be inspected in a fraction of the time with no need to relocate elevated platform equipment. All imagery from the drone is provided in real time.

Applications of Drone Surveying

Drone Surveying has many practical applications in the areas of construction, building & facilities management, industrial and commercial sectors. Drone surveys for the following:

  • Construction Surveys: From pre-planning site inspections, through monitoring progress as construction works progress, through to final inspection of general and inaccessible areas such as high-level roof surfaces.
  • Building & Rooftop Surveys: For existing buildings, including historic buildings. Drone inspection avoids the use of scaffolding which could potentially damage delicate facades or the use of MEWPs which may not able to traverse rough terrain to reach remote buildings. Hidden roof surfaces and vulnerable flashing details can be inspected without causing damage to older roof coverings.
  • Indoor Surveys: Large buildings, such as warehouses or factories can be inspected internally when space is unavailable for scaffolding or scissor lifts.
  • Infrastructure Inspections: Examples include electricity pylons, wind turbines, solar farms and mobile phone masts and rooftop installations. Thermal imaging cameras are used to appraise the performance of heat generating electrical infrastructure such as transformers.
  • Land Surveying: Topographical surveys can be carried out in a fraction of the time of traditional techniques

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